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Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Tue Jun 9 09:37:06 EDT 2009

Disclaimer:  This post contains Off-Topic meta discussion

>>> Conclusion:
>>>    fedora-olpc, to be a sucess, needs a much slimmer UI than that
>>>    of GNOME.
>> "Success" needs to be defined.  Seems to me the OLPC was envisioned
>> mainly for a single-application environment.  Except for being slow at
>> processing, I think it succeeds admirably.
> I'm not talking about the sugar interface, which is what you're talking
> about.
> Non-sugar interface is something I'm also interested.

The reason for my enthusiasm:  I think the OLPC offers the bringing 
of technological assistance to economically disadvantaged locations.

I think that people who focus on "slimming" the OLPC are missing the 
point.  What they end up with is a slow, small Linux system.  But if 
what they want is a small Linux system, today's 'netbooks' offer 
more capability (and as netbooks continue to be produced by the 
millions, I expect tomorrow's models to cost less than the OLPC).

For those who are interested in using the OLPC to bring conventional 
applications to people who already have access to technology - why 
not work with a netbook instead?  For those who think the OLPC *is* 
suited to the environments in which it is being deployed - let's 
work on developing OLPC-scale applications to assist 'the things 
people do' wherever such "computerization" could improve matters.


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