2PM Boston Time TODAY/Friday: Brief Contributors Program Mtg (#olpc-meeting)

Holt holt at laptop.org
Fri Jun 5 12:17:56 EDT 2009

Join us reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community projects in less than 
2 hours -- 2PM EDT, Boston Time:

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* New Libraries!

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring?!

* Fast Review of the 5 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
   join us advocating for and/or review shortcomings of all proposals here:

1. Dokeos + OLPC (for better XO learning and teaching) [Peru]
    http://dokeoslatinoamerica.wordpress.com (ongoing progress)
    http://www.dokeos.com/es/olpc/ (Spanish)
    http://dokeoslead.wordpress.com/ (English)

   Requests 6 XO's for 24 months

   Project Objectives:
    - develop an OLPC style for the Dokeos project
    - integrate better Dokeos with OLPC (through testing)
    - demo Dokeos and OLPC in a variety of local open-source and
       e-learning events (http://www.dokeos.com/latino/eventos)
    - package Dokeos for delivery with teachers' OLPC (for local
       e-learning servers)
    - try OLPC's wireless range for remote e-learning applications
    - public reporting of progress (in Spanish) on

2. Recruitment Revolution: Success Links [Los Angeles, USA]

    Requests 15 XO's for 12 months (or starter batch)

    Project Objectives:
    The project objective is to establish (materials around) an ongoing 
    development program, which makes career success and the steps towards
    attaining it transparent and simple. (More to follow, Caryl Bigenho 

3. Initiative for a massive deployment in NorthEast Africa Region 
(NorthEast Africa)

    Request 4 XO's for 6 months

    Project Objectives:
    These laptops will be used for local volunteers orientation (still 
building) team
    and to be presented to sponsoring authorities to introduce XO and 
show its
    capabilities. Contacts established with different authorities and 
    development organizations and political parties, positive feedback 
    and we'd like to move on to next steps to guarantee sponsorships and 
    for the project.  The purpose is a massive deployment of XO (10,000) in
    NorthEast Africa region and to build-up a local support group for 
this initiative.

4. The SpikerBox: Bringing Neurophysiology to Everyone [Michigan, USA]

    Requests 2 XO's for 7 months

    Project Objectives:
    We have developed, using off-the-shelf components, low cost amplifiers
    and manipulators for experimenting with the nervous system of insects.
    Our goal is to increase the public's understanding of nervous system
    function through the development of low-cost tools. Currently, all you
    need with our devices is a laptop with a line-in input to record the
    neural activity. We would like to couple our devices to the XO to
    demonstrate extremely low-cost high-accessibility science.

5. Fourth Grade Scientists and Mathematicians [Massachusetts, USA]

    Requests 1 XO for 1-3 months

    Project Objectives:
    The purpose of this very short proposal is just to acquire one
    laptop so I can play around with it and figure out how I might be 
able to
    implement it in my classroom. I really want to use technology in my
    classroom to help students learn, and to help them really *be*
    mathematicians and scientists.

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