Bootloader question

John Gilmore gnu at
Thu Jun 4 07:18:29 EDT 2009

> I'm not using sugar. The OLPC will be used [by doctors] to access
> drug information, so I made some different choices.  At the moment,
> I am using a bootstrapped lenny where I removed everything I
> could. No udev, no hotplug but a custom made script to provide the
> firmware and do automounts, (etc). Going straight into X to run an
> old opera version (easier on ram use)

Um, you're not using OLPC hardware to teach kids, but because someone
gave it to you for free?  It's not appropriate -- an ordinary netbook
would be much better -- but you're bashing it to fit.  By the time
you're done, there will be nobody who understands how it works except

(0) How does your work help OLPC reach its goals?  Or do you just want
    us to help you, while you provide no help to us?

(1) Wouldn't the doctors be better off getting a thick printed book?

If you're really set on doing this with a computer, how about a US$300
Dell Mini 10v, with a 120GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, and modern processor?
Or a US$330 Acer Aspire One 10.1" with 160GB and similar specs?  It
should be able to resume from disk-based hibernation in seconds, and
easily be programmed to hibernate when the lid is closed.  On my Acer,
stock Ubuntu 9.04 resumes from hibernation in about 35 seconds,
including 2 sec of grub menu delay, and there's lots of upstream
interest if you find ways to speed it up.  Or if you suspend to RAM,
it wakes up in 4 seconds, but takes more power while it's closed.


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