Browse page with full-sized images crashes Browse and Firefox, it seems partly a issue

S Page skierpage at
Mon Jun 1 03:16:51 EDT 2009

or "Browse no browse Browse" :-)

Visit in either Browse or Firefox on
8.2.1 and your laptop will lock up and minutes later Browse will die.
This is mentioned in comments on and

If you use Firefox's Tools > Page Info > Media and scroll through the
list of images, you see that the page has dozens of full-sized
screenshots, all around 1,200 x 900 px, that the browser scales to
tiny thumbnails according to the img tag's width and height.

But that's not how Mediawiki is supposed to work.  If a page on calls for a thumbnail of a large image, it contains a
reference to a pre-shrunk image rather than the original full-size
image. E.g. has a
thumbnail of a screenshot.  So the image it references is
which is 180px wide, rather than the full-size original

Somehow doesn't create thumbnails, it seems to only
refer to the originals.  I reopened bug 8278 and e-mail this to OLPC
has the configuration instructions.

Could this thumbnail problem be related to the's
ImageMagick failures on the large SVGs ?

The XO should be able to deal with complex image-heavy pages on the
web better.  I guess it's allocating memory close to a limit, then
OLPC's bad out-of-memory behavior kicks in.  Why can't the O.S. kill
Browse faster instead of locking up for minutes? references
previous e-mail threads on this subject.

=S Page

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