[OT] XO-1 radio range testing team at Parkes Radiotelescope

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Mon Jul 27 20:22:33 EDT 2009

A set of XO-1 units was demonstrated by Petria and James Cameron at
Parkes Radiotelescope a week and a half ago, with about 6500 visitors to
the site walking past the demonstration.

It was a hit with the kids, who automatically clustered around the table
to fit the available keyboard slots.  The parents could then be talked
to above the kids.  ;-)

I'm told that CSIRO, which operates the telescope, was responsible for
much of the research that went into wireless ethernet.

Some of the photographs:


The Orana Region Amateur Radio Club and staff of the radiotelescope
assisted with the early radio range testing of the XO-1 prototypes.

We obtained specific permission from the telescope science team to use
the laptops on the day.  Normally they would not be allowed near it,
because of the (normal) RF emissions.  The telescope is very sensitive.

James Cameron

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