[IAEP] The Next Wave of Activity Sharing

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don't know how the Scratch site has negotiated this on a legal front but sharing and remixing of student generated content seems to work pretty well there  ...half a million projects uploaded there  
and that would be a tiny percentage of what is sitting on school networks etc
scratch is also cool i thats it one of the few places i can think of where all levels of expertise -beginner to expert - do form a user community ...getting that right is pretty rare


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> That's what I was trying to explain ;) Though I do see some value in

It's a fantastic idea, but I have to concur with Tomeu -- make it work
_local_ (with the XS for example, though it doesn't have to be), and
from there push it upstream if possible, but *let users control this

My long term plan (if I ever get to it!) is to do something like this
with Moodle+Mahara. Or perhaps Moodle->Moodle. So I'd love to see this

When I write "let users control this explicitly", I mean: let kids
share this with their local (and safe) group, and let them choose to
publish more widely (to the internet) with the input from adults
(teachers, parents).

We had almost identical discussions with the "edublog" team, they
wanted to have kids blog directly to the internet. As things
progressed they realised it was a bad idea. Do search the discussion
lists for edublog to have more background.

In some countries, beyond being a bad idea, it is illegal. In the US
at least there are serious laws that will get teachers and schools
into lots of trouble if kids' privacy is breached. And yes, Internet
=== Breach of privacy.


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