Simple Digital Library Index System

Mike Dawson mikeofmanchester at
Mon Jul 27 04:03:04 EDT 2009

Dear All,

In Afghanistan we wanted to have a system that would make it as simple
as possible to make a relatively large, replicated digital library
accessible locally on the school server (external bandwidth here is
about 64kbps per school).  In addition we wanted something that was
very fast and easy to add content to (e.g. not having to type meta
data again hundreds of times).

We looked at Greenstone in particular - but that was relatively
complex to setup and also would have been tricky to automate adding
content to it / distributing it.  Moodle is really designed more for
class / learning management.

The system that we have made is based on Java / XSL - it makes digital
libraries a breeze, not requiring any kind of database etc on the

I have made a wiki page at:

I would be interested in using OLPC project hosting for this - I
looked at the Contributor's program on the wiki.  We have laptops here
:) - just need project hosting.  As per the status note in the wiki I
do have a version now that more or less does the trick - quite a few
things to tidy up and formats to add support for.  As soon as possible
I shall put up a demo version on our server (hopefully later this



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