new F11-for-XO1 images available for testing

Daniel Drake dsd at
Fri Jul 24 13:31:45 EDT 2009

2009/7/24 James Cameron <quozl at>:
> Tested os2 on XO-1 C2.

Thanks James! All of those except for #0 were as I would expect.  I
should have os2 downloaded by monday, and hopefully I'll have some
spare time to investigate that one at least.

> 1.  font size changed on console during boot, but it went back to normal
> before X started,

What do you mean by "normal"? I assume  it went big-to-small-to-big --
to be expected. On all subsequent boots it will be big.

> 3.  the Sugar Neighbourhood view showed only my access point, not the
> usual three mesh icons,

Mesh support is not yet present in the newest NetworkManager although
we've made a lot of progress.

> 6.  Record only offered Audio input, no camera input,

Known (but larlgely uninvestigated) kernel bug for XO-1.

> 8.  brightness control keys did nothing,
> 9.  power button did not suspend,

We're still pondering the implementation of power management, even on
XO-1.5. Hence we aren't expecting this to work just yet.

> 10. screen rotate button caused screen to go black.  That's puzzling, I'll
> try to reproduce.  Yep, the screen rotate button causes the screen to go
> black (unlit, no image), and nothing but a power cycle seems to fix it.

Known X11 geode driver bug.

> Hope this helps.

Very much so!

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