is anyone actually doing Windows on XO work here?

Bastien bastienguerry at
Wed Jul 22 15:09:38 EDT 2009

Bastien <bastienguerry at> writes:

> Thanks *very much* for these explanations.
> I hope this kind of information can find its way through the OLPC blog,
> maybe with a little more context.  Then we can fight the FUD by linking
> to these explanations.

I've just written an entry about this on OLPC France's blog:

Sorry, this is in french and I don't have time to translate it now.  
But basically it tries to do this:

1. to clarify what is Sugar;

2. to explain what was the process of developing it for the XO, then for
   any hardware -- this explanation giving hints on why (1) is sometimes
   hard to understand and why NN comment needs clarification;

3. to tell (again) what is OLPC/Microsoft all about.

I have pointed to some of the messages from this list.  I hope this post
can help in getting rid of disinformation.



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