is anyone actually doing Windows on XO work here?

Bastien bastienguerry at
Tue Jul 21 07:07:29 EDT 2009

Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at> writes:

> If you are going to wait or an official Linus Torvalds statement on
> things, you're going to wait a long time. Same with expecting SJ to
> write something up -- he doesn't answer my emails either :-)

Btw, linux was successful because Linus was paying attention to the
contributions of its users, and because he was actually maintaining 
a rich relationship with them.

A while ago, OLPC was advertizing a "Director of grassroots" job
opportunity -- who took this job?  Who is responsible for a rich
relationship between OLPC HQ and the grassroots?

When I saw this job announcement I thought it would actually be
something useful to have.  

For example in this case, this director would be able to deliver 
a strong message to the grassroots on how to deal with this FUD.


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