is anyone actually doing Windows on XO work here?

Bastien bastienguerry at
Tue Jul 21 01:37:37 EDT 2009

Hi Carlos,

Carlos Nazareno <object404 at> writes:

> (The title is bad FUD from OLPC News -- it's actually Negroponte
> saying that Sugar should have been run as an application instead of
> the main OS layer/frontend and not Sugar itself as the mistake.)

This is actually very bad FUD.  The original article over-simplifies
what NN said about Sugar, and olpcnews over-amplifies this error.  

> Now everytime there's a piece on OLPC at, it seems 30% of
> the comment traffic is composed of bashing OLPC for caving in to
> Microsoft and Windows.

I guess 30% of /. comments are just about Ranting For Nothing ©.

> In this case, OLPC is not really in bed with MS but is more of
> allowing MS to run Windows on the OLPC the same way users can install
> any software they want on their PCs.
> Am I correct in this assumption?

I can't speak for OLPC but this is also my understanding. 

> I'm sick and tired of the this OLPC-MS FUD (Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt) on
> Slashdot (one of the highest-traffic websites, so high that getting
> linked on the frontpage is like being DDOSed) and it would be great if
> the record on this could be set straight so that the MS FUD inanity on
> Slashdot can be ended as it's destroying the image of OLPC.

I'm sick of it as well, but I think there is nothing to do.

On a bigger scale, there is a problem in over-repeating that OLPC is an
education project while not supporting the software it must run and the
content it must have to truly become an education project.

OLPC now only sells machines and alternative ideas about education, but
the gap between these ideas and the machine is just huge enough so that
traditional habits about ICT in education can look more successful.


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