XO-1.5 Kernel Update (i.e My Weekly Status)

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at laptop.org
Mon Jul 20 10:50:33 EDT 2009

Last week was a busy week in XO-1.5 kernel land.

* Attacked the DCON driver and it is now 75% functional. We can 
  freeze/unfreeze, set brightness, and switch between color and 
  monochrome mode via the syfs attributes. In the process of getting 
  the DCON working, I broke USB and spent a day hunting down why. It 
  turns out that the DCON interrupt line is connected to the SMBUS# 
  signal which in turn generates an SCI (IRQ 3). This is the same IRQ 
  that is used by ACPI and even though I did not configure the SMBUS 
  alert IRQ, simply grabbing that irq via request_irq() causes USB 
  device insertion (and other things?) to break. For now I've just 
  disabled interrupts on the XO-1.5 build and I don't think that is 
  a major issue as all we really do on XO-1 is dump a warning to the 
  console in the case of a missed interrupt. I will have to revisit 
  this later if we actually want to use the interrupt to sync frames.

  So far our minimal testing shows that we may be able to freeze 
  on 5 seconds of inactivity instead of 30 and not see a glitch 
  in the screen contents.

  The 25% that is not working is the irq mentioned above, getting
  sleep mode to work, and suspend/resume.

* Started working on Linux Suspend/Resume. We are currently getting
  all the way up to USB resume and then locking up as we're going
  to sleep for 8ms but never waking up as our interrupts are not
  working. In the process of debuging Suspend/Resume, noticed that
  for some reason we were using the old kernel IDE stack instead
  of libata for our SSD device and I've switched the kernel over 
  to the new code as it is more tested and maintained.

This Week:

* Primary task is to continue work on Suspend/Resume.

* Spending Thursday flying back home from 1CC and will be taking
  Friday off.


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