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Tomeu Vizoso tomeu at
Fri Jul 17 03:19:00 EDT 2009

On Thu, Jul 16, 2009 at 19:18, Manusheel Gupta<manu at> wrote:
> Tomeu,
> Hope all is well.
> We have been working on developing a template builder tool in write
> activity, and wish to have your pointers on certain features-
> 1. Text box - We realize that the text box tool is missing in the current
> write activity, and wish to develop it. We looked at abiwidget.h file
> closely, and it seems to us that there
>      is no method (function) provided to add textboxes. We investigated
> deeper into the details, and arrived at an approach to develop the text box
> feature-
>        a. Create a textbox class on the lines of tablecreator class-  It
> seems that we need to work on 4 files:
>             1. OXML_Element_TextBox.cpp
>             2. OXML_Element_TextBox.h
>             3. OXMLi_ListenerState_TextBox.cpp
>             4. OXMLi_ListenerState_TextBox.h
>       b. Use invoke_cmd method to insert Textbox.
>           We are not very clear on what all arguments can be passed in this
> method, and their usage. Could you please direct us to a resource, which
> could be helpful in
>           understanding this.

I think Martin's answer has been very complete, are you already set on
this one? I recommend you to send these questions to the abiword-devel
mailing list where you will find Martin and the other Abiword

> We also wish to ask you about the details of the code, which is used to
> enable menu selections in the advanced abiword activity.

What do you mean by "enable menu selections" and "advanced abiword activity"?

Also, could you explain what are you trying to accomplish?



> Thank you.
> Manu

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