Performance hit while working with screen depth 16

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Mon Jul 13 02:58:37 EDT 2009

Hi All,

            I have an activity for the XO, written in LabVIEW. I tried out
the activity on the XO and it turned out that the performance of the
activity was really bad, the drawing was too slow to be usable. I did some
investigation and found that the main bottleneck for performance was that
the screen depth of the XO was 16 and my application assumed everything was
in 32 bit. So it constantly converted pixels from 16 bit to 32 bit to do
alpha blending and then back to 16 for drawing the image on screen.

           To improve the performance on the XO I wrote a small script to be
used along with my activity. This script changed the screen depth of the XO
to 24 and restarted X. I wanted to know how appropriate is it for my
activity to do this( change the configuration of teh XO to improve
performance). Do you think doing this would adversely affect other
activities on the XO?

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