Q2E30, Candidate-25 and DebXO don't play nice

Bobby Powers bobbypowers at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 01:05:36 EST 2009

hello all,

I just installed candidate-25 of 8.2.1, and while it works flawlessly
in my limited testing, DebXO doesn't like prettyboot.  I've tried
creating an initscript to echo 0 to /sys/devices/platform/dcon/freeze,
locating it in /etc/init.d, and creating an appropriately named
symlink in /etc/rc5.d, but to no avail.  I then copied
z-disable-bootanim (or some such name) from the 8.2.1 build and
replaced my dcon_off init script with it, but that didn't work either.
 Running either one on its own does the trick.

1 - hold down the check key when booting to disable prettyboot.
2 - after debxo boots (basically wait 2 minutes), press ctrl-alt-f2,
type 'root', hit enter, then the root password (if one is set) and hit
enter, then carefully type 'echo 0 >
/sys/devices/platform/dcon/freeze', and hope you didn't make any
spelling mistakes.  if it doesn't work, hit ctrl-alt-f3 and try
everything from the login-on again :)

Humble suggestion:
do not freeze the dcon if booting off an SD card.  most non-olpc
distributions won't know to unfreeze the dcon as part of the boot

I have to be up early, so I'm giving up for now.  let me know if I am
just overlooking something simple, that would be wonderful


p.s. there is a small possibility that you have to echo '1', not '0',
it is late, and I'm typing this on my other computer.

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