Summary & Minutes from olpc-friends' Tuesday Deployment Meeting

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Thu Jan 29 12:27:40 EST 2009


     hpachas> _sj_, los temas de implementación pasan por 3 temas importantes

the implementation themes are split into 3 important ones:

     hpachas> _sj_, logistico, técnico y pedagógico

logistics, technical and pedagogical

     hpachas> pienso que se deben agendar reuniones en base a los tres grandes
        _sj_> hpachas, los tres!

I think we should aggregate the meetings according to the big 3 themes

        _sj_> oh, right, logistics
        _sj_> hpachas, absolutamente.  logistics is its own Field
        _sj_> as anyone who has every sat with hernan or fiorella can tell
     hpachas> _sj_, en la parte logistica, son muchos pasos que los demás
              paises deben entender como realizarlo

yes in the logistics part there are many steps that the other
countries could learn how to realize

     hpachas> _sj_, ahora a eso tenemos que añadir: distribución,
              reparación, sustitución

to that we now need to add distribution, repairs, and substitution

        _sj_> hpachas, que es sustitucion?
        _sj_> support?
     hpachas> _sj_, sustitución = reemplazo de un equipo por otro
        _sj_> ah! interestante!

substitution means replacing one machine for another

     hpachas> _sj_, son muchas cosas por las cuales nosotros ya hemos pasado y
              estamos pasando

these are many aspects which we have already experienced and are experiencing.

     hpachas> _sj_, ahora en el tema técnico, es otro mundo paralelo

in the technical theme, it is a parallel world

     hpachas> _sj_, localización, activación, etc, etc

localisation, activation, etc

        _sj_> hpachas,  si, muchas muchas cosas importantes

yes many important things

     hpachas> _sj_, tenemos q recordar que la parte técnica va en los
              siguientes aspectos: XO, XS, AP, Swhti, Acceso a Internet

we have to remember that the technical parts are split into the
following items: XO, XS, AP, Swhti, Internet Access

        _sj_> hpachas, puedes ayudar con los agendas de estos reuniones?

can u help with the agenda of these meetings

        _sj_> tienes el gran parte de experiencia con estos

u have the most experience with these items

        _sj_> temas, problemas, soluciones

themes, problems, solutions

        _sj_> y la compartmentacion entre temas diferentes y paraleles

and the compartimentisation between different parallel themes

     hpachas> _sj_, pienso que debemos hacer una evaluación de como se
              encuentran en estos mometnos todos los paises OLPC

I think we should evaluate how the OLPC countries find themselves right now.

        _sj_> Swhti?
     hpachas> _sj_, quizas tener un site que diga el grado de avance de cada
              pais, ayudaría

maybe have a site that shows the percentage of advancement of each
country would help

        _sj_> hpachas, estos discusiones son para los escuelas y paises

these discussions are for schools and smaller countries only

        _sj_> solamente
        _sj_> pero hay paraleles

but there are parallels

        _sj_> ah
        _sj_> el mapo con "el grado de avance" es muy viejo

the map with the percentage advance is very old

        _sj_> mapa*
        _sj_> hmm
     hpachas> ese mapa debe ser interactivo, editable a través de internte

that map should be interactive and editable via the net.

        _sj_> hpachas, voy a ver.  si...
        _sj_> no tenemos cada uno
        _sj_> pere sera valable
     hpachas> _sj_, si colocamos el programa OLPC en linea de tiempo, diria q
              empieza por el tema logistico, técnico/pedagógico

If we put the OLPC program in a linear timeline, we could say it
starts with the logistics, and then tecnical and pedagogical.

        _sj_> si.  wikitimeline es interesante para eso...

wikitimeline could be used for that.


On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 5:42 PM, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:
> Folks,
> We had an awesome deployment meeting this Tuesday at 2000 UTC on
> #olpc-deployment on Almost 30 people came, with knowledge of
> 10 different deployments!
> Summary and minutes are now available at
> Enjoy, and please join us next Tuesday at 2000 UTC or Wednesday at 0500 UTC.
> Also, please feel free to add items to the next meetings' agenda at the bottom
> of
> so that interested folks can prepare questions and remarks.
> Voluntarily yours,
> Michael
> P.S. - Would some kind English+Spanish-speaking soul be willing to provide a
> nice translation of Hernan's remarks:
> for interested illiterates like me?
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