Soas snapshot

Marco Pesenti Gritti marcopg at
Thu Jan 29 05:02:18 EST 2009

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 12:28 AM, Gary C Martin <gary at> wrote:
> Cool.
> Any tips as to what to do with these 2 on an XO? The only thing I've done
> with .img and .crc before is copy-nand from firmware – is it possible to run
> them from a usb stick without wiping nand or effecting the existing nand
> install (so we can encourage safe(er) testing of new code)?

You can use copy-nand if you want to install them on the nand. To
install on a usb stick you can follow the Fedora on XO instruction
(with the .iso Soas image). It should be possible to do it from a XO.

It would be good to add this to the Soas wiki page. Let me know if you
have any problems!


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