Moving joyride to rawhide

Chris Ball cjb at
Wed Jan 28 10:27:04 EST 2009

Hi Peter,

   > Hi All, With the plans of releasing what is/was going to be 9.1.0
   > as based on Fedora 11 (rather than the original plans of Fedora 10)
   > what is the plans on moving the joyride daily builds to pull in
   > rawhide rather than Fedora 10?

As Daniel said, I think a better plan is to start using livecd-tools as
our build system.  I tried making what would be the first "joyride" F11
build in this thread:

But I'm stuck with /dev/root not being created for an odd reason, could
use some Fedora initrd knowledge.

Once we have something that boots, I'd be happy to set up nightly
automated builds using livecd-tools.


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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