Moving joyride to rawhide

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Jan 28 03:55:59 EST 2009

Hi All,

With the plans of releasing what is/was going to be 9.1.0 as based on
Fedora 11 (rather than the original plans of Fedora 10) what is the
plans on moving the joyride daily builds to pull in rawhide rather
than Fedora 10? Is the plan for the 9.1.0 release (is it still going
to be called that?) to be built from the existing OLPC build system
(pilgrim?) or is there plans to move it to the Fedora system? If there
are plans to move to the Fedora build system will it be able to sign
the releases etc, or is this planned for sometime later? The reason I
ask these questions is because its probably better to make the move
sooner rather than later so people don't waste time testing and fixing
things on Fedora 10 where it would be better to use the time with
Fedora 11 so larger changes like python 2.6 etc can be tested.

Sorry for the ramble.....


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