AMD to stop working on Geodes (Carlos Nazareno)

John Watlington wad at
Wed Jan 28 01:28:35 EST 2009

On Jan 27, 2009, at 8:14 PM, Mitch Bradley wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 12:04 PM, Carlos Nazareno  
> <object404 at> wrote:
>>> AMD sees no Geode chip replacement in sight
>>> AMD on Monday said it has no replacement for the aging Geode low- 
>>> power
>>> chips that are used in netbooks and set-top boxes.
>>> amd_sees_no_geode_chip_replacement_sight
> The cost of developing and supporting a processor family is  
> staggering.
> AMD bought the Geode business from another company.  Often, when a  
> company buys a business unit, that unit withers on the vine.  The  
> "new kids on the block" have a difficult time establishing a strong  
> place within the established "pecking order", so in the competition  
> for resources, the new group often comes up short.  When there is  
> an economic downturn, the new group is often the first to go.

Much worse, as AMD bought Geode from National, who had obtained it  
six years earlier through acquiring Cyrix.


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