multitouch + audio feedback linux dev -> XO-2?

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Mon Jan 26 22:45:04 EST 2009

My (unasked for) opinion is that multitouch should not be a focus of OLPC's
development efforts.  The real benefit will just come from being able to
touch the screen in the first place.

Writing a decent multitouch interface requires massive UI design and coding
efforts that we frankly cannot muster right now, and the concept is so
immature in the Linux world that we cannot rely on someone else to do it for
us.  A real multitouch device would require a development effort similar to
what Apple put into the iPhone, that is hundreds of engineers over several
years with absolute control over the software stack.  Given financial
realities that's just not going to happen with XO-2.

That said, here's hoping the final solution is pressure sensitive!  The
Nintendo DS gets all kinds of wonderful features out of that, and it's
already part of XInput.

Imagine the possibilities of a screen that can become any kind of keyboard
you can imagine (computer, piano, drum, painting canvas, etc).

Here's to staying focused,


On Mon, Jan 26, 2009 at 11:25 PM, <david at> wrote:

> On Tue, 27 Jan 2009, Carlos Nazareno wrote:
> > 1) Are there any existing hooks/systems for Linux for multi-touch?
> > That's the only proper way you can get a virtual keyboard to work for
> > a double-touchscreen clamshell device (the feasibility of which is not
> > sold to me because of the power consumption of running a 2nd screen vs
> > a keyboard, and mostly mostly mostly the lack of haptic feedback from
> > a virtual keyboard).
> <SNIP>
> > So back to the question: any existing Linux multi-touch
> hooks/drivers/APIs?
> there has been some discussion on the kernel mailing list recently. they
> are still hammering out what reasonable APIs will be (different
> multi-touch systems provide different capabilities)
> David Lang
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