Small DNS questions.

Michael Stone michael at
Sun Jan 25 14:06:20 EST 2009


I've been conducting some thought experiments with the imaginary DNS server you
describe in

and I've developed a couple of small questions which I'd like your advice on,

  a) When multiple links are present, does the DNS server synthesize an AAAA RR
     for every link?

  b) Presumably the DNS server should report itself as non-authoritative for
     everything except the local hostname(s)?

  c) Presumably the synthesized RRs should be non-authoritative except when
     they answer the local hostname(s)? 

  d) How should the TTL of the synthesized records be set given that the
     records are link-dependent? (on a mobile device?)

  e) When, exactly, should our DNS server synthesize RRs? Some possible
       "when you can't get any other results",
       "when you didn't find NXDOMAIN", 


P.S. - People who are unfamiliar with the ideas and questions in this note who
would like to contribute to the conversation should probably spend some time
reading RFCs 1034, 1035, and 2460 and Scott's "Network Principles" document.

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