SoaS on the XO progress

Chris Ball cjb at
Fri Jan 23 16:41:55 EST 2009

Hi Marco,

Got it working now.  livecd-creator should be run on x86_64 as:

sudo setarch i386 livecd-creator ...

   > * X doesn't actually crash the system, it's just very broken :) If
   > you switch to vt and back you can also see some parts of the gdm
   > screen.  It looks definitely like a regression in the updates. If I
   > build an image with updates disabled X works fine.

D'oh, I think OLPC asked Warren to push that X driver update, and it
sounds like we didn't test it properly.  Is there a good way to select
which version of an RPM to use in kickstart, maybe?

I tried building Rawhide, and got the error you mentioned, linked below.
Running "bash-3.2# mount -t jffs2 mtd0 /mnt" works, though, so I'm not
sure what's up / why it's not creating /dev/root properly.  Jeremy, any


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>

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