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Gary C Martin gary at
Mon Jan 19 10:52:03 EST 2009

On 19 Jan 2009, at 15:19, James Simmons wrote:

> Over the weekend I updated Read Etexts and View Slides to be more like
> the current Read activity.  Previously they only attempted to save
> metadata on closing instead of writing a new file.  I was getting  
> "keep"
> errors because of that, so now I link a temporary file like Read does.
> I also fixed them so that you can launch them from an icon and be
> prompted to open an existing Journal entry.  This makes the activities
> much more useable, in my opinion, but I am disappointed that I cannot
> filter the Journal entries by MIME type.

I'm sure I spotted some recent trac chatter covering a new MIME  
filtering ability for the Object Chooser, can't find it again off hand  
just now.

> The code for both has been copied to, and I think I
> did everything OK except I forgot to put the project entry for Read
> Etexts in the category "activities" and I don't see a way to fix that.

If you go to your 'Dashboard' you'll see your projects listed on the  
right, from there you land in the 'Project Overview' tab, click  
'Project Settings' and you get to edit all the original fields as per  
when you created the project.

> Currently the code is up to date in both old and new repositories.
> Should I continue to do that, or should I abandon the old repository?

Same here for me with Moon, I consider (for Moon and  
other moved reps) deprecated though I have no idea how to change the  
rep description to show "DEPRECATED - see" like  
others have done (read and chat). Any hints?


> Thanks,
> James Simmons
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