get developer key -> gfx glitch on submit button

david at david at
Sat Jan 17 23:44:00 EST 2009

On Sun, 18 Jan 2009, Carlos Nazareno wrote:

> Hey all.
> On 2 XOs I tested, running 767, whenever I go to the request developer
> key page in the browse activity, the SUBMIT button has vertical
> stripes of randomly colored pixels running across 'em.
> It's no biggie and really doesn't affect things, but a little annoying
> nonetheless. Anyone else encounter this?


I disagree about it not affecting things. if you don't know what the 
button is supposed to say it can really hurt (although it _is_ the only 
button on the page, so if it said nothing you could assume that people are 
going to push it anyway.

David Lang

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