Activities migration status

S Page info at
Wed Jan 14 06:05:59 EST 2009

Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero wrote:

>     Today I went through <>
>     identifying those projects
>     that contain Sugar activities.
>     Still remaining is to go through Activities/All (and
>     <>,
>     personal sites, etc) and find those activities which do not have d.l.o
>     repositories.
>     The list is *massive*.  I had no idea we had so many cool activities
>     in various stages of development! 

I'm not sure what you're doing, but if you want activities...
When the call went out for activities for 9.1.0 I put all the meta-lists 
of activities in

That links to some interesting queries in  :
* 45 pages with a Devel status
* 116 pages that appear to have an activity bundle
* 310 pages in Category:Activities in the main namespace.

and I'm sure there are more activities that lack a page on on


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