Activity not getting registered in the journal

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Wed Jan 14 05:16:39 EST 2009

On 14.01.2009, at 07:26, shivaprasad javali wrote:

> Hi,
>       I have an activity written in c++. I have used catmoran's  
> libsugarise library to sugarise my activity and create the activity  
> bundle. It runs fine on the XO but when I run my activity it is not  
> registered in the journal. I have attached a copy of my  
> file and sugarise script which loads the libsugarise  
> and calls my application. Can anyone figure out why the activity is  
> not registered in the journal?

The sugarize library (which is Albert's originally, catmoran just  
bundled it with my shell script to be easier to use) does nothing  
about the Journal. It only makes sure a proper icon is shown in the  

You will have to do the Journal integration yourself. An example of  
this was discussed in the "Journal integration for Scratch" thread.

Besides, if you indeed write the activity yourself in C++ there is no  
need to use the sugarize library in the first place. This was made  
purely to sugarize existing apps, and is rather insufficient for  
proper activities.

>       Also I wanted to ask one more thing. The applciation needs the  
> home path i.e. path to /home/olpc.

What for?

> But I cannot get this from the $HOME variable as this will not be  
> where the activity is installed when run from the activity launcher.  
> So I have hardcoded the path in my application to /home/olpc. How  
> safe do you think it is. Is it reasonable to assume that the users  
> home path will be this. Is there any other way I can get this path?

It is not reasonable to assume this.

Looking at your script it hard-codes the path to your activity bundle.  
This is not good practice and not necessary either. Please refer to  
the original of the script:

and also it seems like a good idea for you to read

which describes to the best of my knowledge what an activity author  
needs to do if she is not using the Python activity toolkit.

- Bert -

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