[Sugar-devel] Journal integration for Scratch

Bert Freudenberg bert at freudenbergs.de
Tue Jan 13 12:49:30 EST 2009

On 13.01.2009, at 17:22, Eben Eliason wrote:

>>> /usr/share/icons/sugar/scalable/mimetypes/application-x-squake-
>>> project.svg.
>> Interesting ... thanks for the archaeology :)
>> Eben: see, I did remember correctly there was an icon for the  
>> document
>> independent of the activity ;)
> Indeed. However, that one's not mine, and I wasn't aware of it. I
> think it must have been copied before I or someone else (don't recall)
> matched the Etoys icon to the spec.  I just checked the file you
> mention, and it clearly has a 75x75 pixel canvas, which is why it's
> being scaled down.

I see. So this is really really old, from before the icon dimensions  
were changed. Someone who understood the system back then must have  
taken the Etoys icon and checked it in as the mime type icon. Would  
make sense to upgrade it to the current icon now :)

- Bert -

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