administrative security

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Mon Jan 12 01:15:10 EST 2009

> ... are mechanisms in place to
> prevent students from installing unauthorized apps, or malware?

That is a social issue - how can kids be motivated to do 
"acceptable" things, and forgo "immoral" ones ??

I am much more concerned about how to prevent *adults*.  The 
original thought was that if an OLPC were stolen, it would 
eventually "de-activate" unless refreshed by the school's server.

But lately, "OS on a stick" have become available for the OLPC.  If 
I were in an armed gang (and authority were weak), I would "hold up" 
a school, confiscate all the OLPCs, reload them with software that 
did not have "security features", then sell those systems for cash.


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