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Sun Jan 11 22:43:54 EST 2009

Oh sorry, correction, please scratch "completely eliminate cheating"
as kids are very smart and can always find a way ;P -> in a way, maybe
a form of this that is possitively channeled should be encouraged in
order to nurture lateral thinking? Like MacGyver competitions? Part of
the reason why there's a lot of mess around right now is that there's
not enough thinking out of the box and typical systems oft lazily
foster the production of sheep :-/

Re: Browser-based testing system, one possiblity is to give time
limits on each section which are tight enough that students will not
be able to pass answers to each other since they're randomly given
different problem sets + time limit.

Since time pressure cannot always be applicable or appropriate though,
the randomization of questions and answers will at the very list least
make cheating harder.



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