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My name is Lazim and I'm a student from Malaysia. I am new in open source especially in Sugar development. Regard to my proposal at projectdb, I'd like to develop an e-mail client called SugarMail. 
I'm not sure whether SugarMail is possible to be developed or not, but my proposal is to make SugarMail to be an e-mail client that don't required mail server for sending e-mail among XO users. It sound ridiculous, but it's not imposible.
The problem is I don't have enough knowledge about developing a software for Sugar and currently I still don't receive my requested XO laptop for me to figure out. I've run the Sugar through emulation under the qemu but my laptop condition not very good at running 2 operating system simultaneously.
I would like to ask for anyone that would help me be my mentor on developing this SugarMail. I also appreciate if anybody have any suggestion on how to develop the SugarMail under Windows environment as I'm using Windows XP on my laptop right now.
OLPC Malaysia,

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