child protection + anti-cheating

Carlos Nazareno object404 at
Sat Jan 10 22:58:02 EST 2009

Hi guys.

Here's one problem we have.

How do we protect children from accessing porn or other questionable
content, and how do we prevent malicious persons from communicating
with kids, like say, child predators in IRC?

It's been said that people should pass a license exam before being
allowed to use a computer and get on the internet, and for many
reasons as you guys know, this is, in a way, very true.

Unsupervised or unprepared, the internet can be very dangerous for children.

Do we have mechanisms in place for those or best practices to address
these concerns?

Of course there's IP Address blocking, but that's a game of cat and
mouse that could require a dedicated server administrator or at least
someone or a group to maintain an IP blacklist/whitelist.


How do we prevent cheating between students? Like instant messaging
each other during quizzes? We all know that we all learn great through
peer interaction, but grasp of the subject matter has to be evaluated
and tested properly, and in this case, cheating is cheating, period.

Just some concerns.

Thanks, guys!


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