automatic reminder of 'software update' when installing a new build

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Sat Jan 10 06:53:39 EST 2009

Daniel Drake wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 8:15 AM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at> wrote:
>> WHERE are they supposed to look to determine whether a "newer"
>> version of an Activity is available for their (e.g., 657) builds ?
>> [Their builds are __older__ than 8.2.]

For 8.1, would automatically 
download and install "latest" versions of activities compatible with 
8.1, but it looks like the page that drives it, , hasn't been 
updated for a while.

If the activity developer has somehow learned how to update activity 
versions (again I ask *is this documented anywhere?!*) then she can use 
'edit with form' tab on her activity's page to check off, for multiple 
versions, all the releases they work on.  E.g. the bottom of has:
   Activity version number:		40
   The releases with which this version
   of the activity has been tested. 	8.1.1 (708)

> We just need someone to create G1G1/8.1 (for build 7xx) and G1G1/7.1
> (for build 65x) pages on the wiki, with appropriate content.

As I understand it releases prior to 8.2.0 lack the Software Update 
control panel, so such a page would only be for users to read.

*If* all activity developers knew which version worked on say 8.1.0 and 
put this in their activity's page, then the wiki would have the needed 
info for such a G1G1/8.1 page.  Unfortunately, the current 
implementation of the form and templates for activities means you can't 
simply run a query to "show the version and URL of all activities that 
are flagged as working on 8.1.0."  The best a query can do is show you a 
list of _potential_ versions for 8.1.0 -- see 

Some day I'll write a proposal to make this work better for activity 
maintainers and users, but I don't fully understand what's already 


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