status of forks

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Sat Jan 10 05:15:58 EST 2009

>> I don't think there are any other than the kernel that are forked for
>> hardware issues, and the stock Fedora i386 kernel will work with the
>> XO but the likes of numerous ethernet/storage drivers, ISA, MCA, Token
>> Ring and the like are of little use for the device :-) . There use to
>> be a HW issue in the shipped gstreamer that caused it be be forked but
>> I'm not aware of any other hardware issues in mainline kernel issues.
> Keyboard definitions (xkeyboard-config) are another cause of forks.
> However, it will be pretty easy to use them in the standard Fedora
> package as well, and many of the patches are already in upstream
> Freedesktop repos.

Well all the xkeryboard-config definitions that were shipped as
patches in 8.2.0 are upstreamed. I filed the upstream bug myself, let
me know if there's anymore and I'll get them upstreamed. From the time
I filed the bug to when they appeared in the rawhide (now Fedora 10)
package was around a week. The maintainer is very responsive.


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