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Sat Jan 10 06:08:40 EST 2009

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009, Peter Robinson wrote:

>>> I don't think there are any other than the kernel that are forked for
>>> hardware issues, and the stock Fedora i386 kernel will work with the
>>> XO but the likes of numerous ethernet/storage drivers, ISA, MCA, Token
>>> Ring and the like are of little use for the device :-) . There use to
>>> be a HW issue in the shipped gstreamer that caused it be be forked but
>>> I'm not aware of any other hardware issues in mainline kernel issues.
>> one thing that comes to mind is power management. I keep hearing that the
>> builds of other distros running on the XO don't do that properly yet
>> (although I last heard that almost a week ago, so it may be old news now ;-)
> Not sure about that one.
>> another is the camera driver
> What's wrong with the camera driver?

the common reports seem to be that the camera is detected, but the result 
is garbage (affected by motion in front of the camera, but pixels not 
being read in the right order or something lke that)

David Lang

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