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Sat Jan 10 05:46:20 EST 2009

On Sat, 10 Jan 2009, Peter Robinson wrote:

>>> There's a discussion going on right now at FUDCon with gregdek and cjb
>>> running down the 20 or so forked packages and smoothing out how to
>>> merge them back in.  So there should be helpful updates soon.
>> Don't forget that we have not yet forked F10 to the extent that we did
>> F9 to get rid of perl, libgnome, etc. But get rid of those 20 and
>> we'll be well on our way :)
> From my last serious look at this I seem to remember most of those are
> pulled in by xulrunner.

I see two classes of forks

1. forks to use different compile/packaging options to eliminate 

2. forks to change the code (adding functionality in particular)

I'm not _that_ interested in #1, but am very interested in #2, especially 
anything done to make things work with the XO hardware.

David Lang

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