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Fri Jan 9 10:34:32 EST 2009

Victor -

Thanks!  I agree with Ben that connecting with the Sugar Labs  
community is the right start and an excellent focus.  If you do need  
to have XO-specific conversations as well, I would be happy to be the  
contact person to do that.

	- Ed

On Jan 9, 2009, at 9:54 AM, Benjamin M. Schwartz wrote:

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> Victor Lazzarini wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I have not been able to work on anything new for OLPC for the past  
>> four months,
>> given my  heavy teaching schedule. However, now I am just about to  
>> go on
>> research leave and one of my goals was to do some work on the music/ 
>> sound
>> side of things for the XO. So I am now wondering whether 1) there is
>> any work to
>> do, and 2) who to liaise at OLPC, since things seem to have changed
>> dramatically,
>> particularly with Jim Gettys leaving. In other words, it would be  
>> useful to
>> get a who's who for the project. Also, what bits are going to be  
>> moved out to
>> sugarlabs (so I wonder if they are the ones to work for now, as far  
>> as audio
>> development is concerned).
> 1) There is lots of work to do.  There are 500,000 XO users and  
> rising,
> virtually all of whom run Sugar.  They need and want updates and new
> functionality for learning.  They don't care about where this  
> happens in
> some corporate shell game.  Sugar Labs is also expanding Sugar onto  
> non-XO
> computers.  We are growing.
> 2) I can't help with this.
> Regarding with whom to work: I would definitely place audio  
> development
> under the Sugar Labs umbrella, unless the work in question is somehow
> specific to the XO hardware.  For you, working on music, I think the  
> place
> to be is Sugar Labs.  The people to talk to are Walter, Tomeu, and  
> anyone
> else on the sugar mailing list, which is now sugar-devel at
> I'm excited to have you back in the project.
> - --Ben
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