Why olpc user is locked?

Emiliano Pastorino epastorino at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Wed Jan 7 07:20:43 EST 2009

Hi everyone,

I was wondering, why olpc user account is locked when creating it?

The thing is I would like to give access to a console in Uruguay's
customized build, as root is password protected. We need that so
the kids/teachers could do some basic maintenance if anything fails
when booting sugar.

What would happen if I delete the line in olpc-development.stream:
chroot $INSTALL_ROOT /usr/bin/passwd -l olpc
and add this one:
chroot $INSTALL_ROOT /usr/bin/passwd -d olpc

Emiliano Pastorino
LATU - Plan Ceibal
Av. Italia 6201 CP: 11500, Montevideo, Uruguay
Tel: (598 2) 601 3724 int.: 469
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