automatic reminder of 'software update' when installing a new build

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Tue Jan 6 21:55:22 EST 2009

If your friend had waited, (while the xo first looks for a mesh, three times,
then connects wifi), then hits 'try again' the updater would work. Is there
a way to set the default for what the xo looks for to connect with on start
up? After booting, if I go in Neighborhood view and select my access point
before the mesh search cycle is done, the 'looking for a mesh' keeps
blinking forever while my wifi is solid. If I let the mesh search run it's
course, (while I'm doing something else takes a few minutes), then
there's just my solid wifi circle in my frame. 


Eben Eliason-2 wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 25, 2008 at 1:42 AM, Mikus Grinbergs <mikus at> wrote:
>> Visited a friend, and helped him install a new build in his XO.  The
>> first time the new build completed booting, he was presented with an
>> action bar (to request "software update") near the top of Home View.
>> It so happened that the XO had not automatically connected to my
>> friend's wireless AP - but he did not realize this.  Being
>> well-meaning, he clicked the rightmost button ('Check now') in the
>> action bar -- there was some software processing and then a "Could
>> not access the network" message -- he needed to exit through Control
>> Panel to get back to Home View (and never saw the action bar again).
>> The "software update" facility assumes that a connection to the
>> network is already available when it gets to run.  If conditions are
>> such that the network connection has *not* been set up when booting
>> completes, should the action bar to request "software update" still
>> be automatically presented as the first thing the user sees ?
> Good question.
> Perhaps the cleanest option is to have the chunk of code which
> displays the dialog check for a network connection first, and short
> circuit when one isn't found.  In this manner, the update alert will
> only appear when a connection is available in the first place.
> Chances are good that most people using the laptops will get online
> sooner than later anyway.
> - Eben
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