New staging build 8

genesee genesee.gbh at
Tue Jan 6 21:32:30 EST 2009

Same here. Trouble getting wifi connected, too. Neighborhood view was still
there, not missing like with NM7 in joyride a while back, (I am avoiding
joyride until there's a candidate). My access point would blink for a while,
then ask for my passphrase, then blink for a while, then ask etc...never
turning solid. Discarding network settings in cp and rebooting did not help.
Ended up going back to build 7 which works just as well as 767 or 790. 
btw, olpc-update could not find build 790.


PS - It's 2009 and I still don't have a hovercar.


Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> So far, with staging build 8, I've had to press ctl-alt-F2 every 
> time I've done a shutdown (for shutdown to overcome "hanging").
> For me, shutdown on staging build 7 consistently completed normally, 
> without me having to use ctl-alt-F2.
> mikus
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