March date realistic ?

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Jan 6 21:07:56 EST 2009

> However, we'll only move the date when we must and we'll only do it to
> improve quality or possibly to include a customer critical feature.

There's about 35 "normal workdays" between the end of XOCamp
and the proposed date for factory-release.  As a mere sampling
of the distance that ought to be covered, I'm listing a dozen
regressions (things that worked in 767 but do not in 2615):

  -  No mesh
  -  No GUI for moving files USB <--> Journal
  -  No video
  -  sugar-install-bundle fails
  -  page-up in Terminal gets "overdone"
  -  "Journal" key (Magnifying glass) takes too long to act
  -  Help Activity fails
  -  Can't launch Terminal if /etc/olpc-security not present
  -  Record Activity gets "X system error"
  -  Incomplete GUI for controlling resources
  -  Initial state of Power controls shown wrong
  -  Various Activities do not launch on f10

The above list does not include longer-standing problems,
such as flakiness in wired connection support;
or the lack of alphanumeric sorting in Journal View.


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