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Carlos Nazareno object404 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 17:24:53 EST 2009

> Currently, we are assuming that the issue will be RAM consumption, not CPU.
>  I personally have no reason to expect either system to behave differently
> in terms of background CPU overhead or cost of common operations.

Well, in any case, it really wouldn't hurt to benchmark the CPU
consumption of different window managers  would it? Would it be okay
for you guys playing with GNOME and XFCE to do this so we can compare?

>> In XO OS 8.2.0 + Sugar with no other activities running, I'm getting
>> 5.5-5.65fps on Browse Activity and around 8.5fps on Opera 9.63
>> (non-sugar)
> If both browsers were using the same SWF plugin, then this is extremely
> remarkable, and merits investigation.

They're both using the same Adobe Flash 10 fedora rpm plugin. I
haven't installed the Flash .tgz version for the Firefox Activity yet
for testing, but it will most likely run at the same FPS as the Browse

There's nothing really remarkable about the discrepancy between the
framerates in Browse and Opera. As I said, Browse (as well as the
Firefox 0.6 Activity I believe) artificially zooms in content being
displayed in pages.

Since SWFs are being scaled up artificially by default in Browse, the
CPU is working much harder because it's processing more pixels
(rescaling bitmaps in this case of TeddyMark or rasterizing more
pixels in the case of vector content).

Thus, SWFs will run slower in Browse as opposed to in Opera where
content is being rendered at their native microscopic resolution.

You can test this out yourself by by zooming in and out .swf content.

I guess most people don't know this kind of Flash performance impact
nowadays since everyone's running GHz+ computers.


I'll do more benchmarks once I get Teapot's Intrepid Ibex build up and
running (I think the XO doesn't like my SD card), and then do some
Gnash testing once I get back the other dev XO I lent to the CS Dept
at Ateneo de Manila University.



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