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Michael Stone michael at
Tue Jan 6 15:23:32 EST 2009

On Mon, Jan 05, 2009 at 02:27:45PM -0500, Carlos Dario Isaza Zamudio wrote:
>I have a fully customized XO and i need to take an image from it to be
>installed on several computers inside the project. The thing is i need it to
>be separated from the activity pack, like the ones you use to update via

Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the great questions.

>1) When i take the image from this one and install it into another, will i
>have two computers wchi are exactly the same?

No. Each XO contains unique "manufacturing data", stored in a
non-volatile memory which is separate from the main (1GB) non-volatile

Moreover, when you boot an XO, it runs some software which "dirties" the
filesystem. You'd want to "clean" the filesystem by undoing some of
these edits before you clone the image onto lots of other machines.

>2) In order to do this process does it have to be into a "unblocked" XO or
>with developer key? Because if that's the case, i can't do it since these
>are the computers we're gonna use for deployment.

a) Why do you want the computers to be locked?

b) You can temporarily unlock the computers in at least two ways. 

c) We're designing some software changes over at

which might make this easier for you to maintain.

>3) Out of the topic question but do you know how can i change the default
>page from the Browse activity? 

You need to edit the Browse source code here-ish:

(i.e. search for "load_uri" in

>Thanks for your replies

You're very welcome. Please come back with more questions!


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