Fedora Desktop on XO

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at laptop.org
Tue Jan 6 14:35:33 EST 2009

On Jan 06 2009, at 14:23, Chris Ball was caught saying:
> Hi,
>    > Now, the question I have is why we would chose GNOME over XFCE.  I
>    > think there are significant differences in system resource
>    > consumption.
> We had a long thread about whether to use GNOME or XFCE on devel@ last
> month.  I suggested XFCE, and was persuaded that the disk image size
> of DebXO+GNOME is not significantly different than DebXO+XFCE, and that
> both run fine without swap, suggesting that we might be able to pull off
> GNOME on Fedora.  If we find it unbearable, I'm fine with using XFCE
> instead, but my impression was that GNOME is preferred.
> (For the record, I'm not against investigating adding some swap for 9.1
> now that we have NAND partitioning available.  We'd have to be more sure
> of our estimate that it won't significantly shorten the lifespan of the
> flash chip, though.  What do people think?)

I think I missed the previous conversation, re: estimate , but I'm thinking 
that swap will have significant impact on the lifetime of the flash chip.
With only 256MiB of RAM, we are bound to swap a lot. I'd feel more
comfortable if we did flash-wide wear leveling using UBI and created
a swap partition on to pof that.


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