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Carlos Dario Isaza Zamudio cdisazaz at
Mon Jan 5 14:27:45 EST 2009

I have a fully customized XO and i need to take an image from it to be
installed on several computers inside the project. The thing is i need it to
be separated from the activity pack, like the ones you use to update via

1) When i take the image from this one and install it into another, will i
have two computers wchi are exactly the same?
2) In order to do this process does it have to be into a "unblocked" XO or
with developer key? Because if that's the case, i can't do it since these
are the computers we're gonna use for deployment.
3) Out of the topic question but do you know how can i change the default
page from the Browse activity? I did change the index.html file in
/home/olpc/.library_pages/ and set it to redirect to the portal page, but i
dont like this "solution".

Thanks for your repplies

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