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Sorry to comment on a older topic.  But have 2 cents to offer.....  :)

I wasn't active on the wiki around Dec 3rd.  And didn't see several items
mentioned previously.  And certainly appreciate moving to 'openid' as an
excellent idea (i was one of the proponents of it about 9 months ago)...

But in my mind, simple solution for 'clear communication'.

Simply picking a date for upgrade. Post a 'message of the day' with the
details, on the wiki pages, at least one *week in advance*.

Then on the day-of, point wiki to a backup copy of the db (in read-only
mode), put up a 'motd' on the wiki pages "Currently in read-only mode for
software updates", but still have them up.

Upgrade software/database in a test environment and point to the 'real' db.
i.e. "".  And once running, do a swap of directories.
(might also need to update URL references in config.php too)

If backup-copy or testing environment is not available, then simply posting
a single-page message during the downtime "" is currently not
available for maintenence, return time approx 15:50 GMT" (etc...)

Allow only certain IPs to connect via login, everyone else gets the
'offline' message.  (Simple IP filter in 'index.php').  Remove redirect when

My 2 cents.  ;)

On Fri, Dec 5, 2008 at 08:03, Michael Stone <michael at> wrote:

> On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 07:11:04AM -0500, Ed McNierney wrote:
> >Michael -
> >
> >Thanks; welcome back!  I have been working on the request you made last
> >week, and on trying to have something out this week as I said I would.
> Good to hear.
> >It's been important to me to ensure I'm reflecting OLPC's position as much
> as
> >possible rather than simply my own personal opinion, and I've been having
> >conversations to that effect.
> Absolutely! However, as David rightly points out, if it's going to be a
> joint statement then it needs to be developed jointly at some point.
> I'd like to see this happen by circulating a series of progressively
> better drafts until we're satisfied (or to until we give up). When can
> we expect a second draft from you?
> (I wrote a first draft last week and circulated it privately under
> 'distribute to anyone who should read this' terms.)
> >Thanks again for the help.
> My (long-term) pleasure.
> Michael
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