Ticket #7785

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sun Jan 4 23:12:20 EST 2009

I just re-encountered the problem on 8.2.1.  Briefly:

  -  There is an existing connection (in my case, ethernet).
  -  That connection gets broken (e.g., by clicking another access)
  -  The replacement access does not connect
  -  Connecting as before is attempted, but with unusable parameters

In my case one thoughtless click in Neighborhood View caused loss of 
my ethernet connection, and I needed a restart to connect again.


In view of the consequences (user reboots ?) of this problem, please 
re-evaluate the decision to not make this problem a blocker for 8.2.

[My concern is that "substitution of unusable parameters" (from 
zeroconf?) might occur after a "new connection" attempt fails, even 
when the "connection that was working earlier" was not ethernet.]

Thanks,  mikus

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