getting devkey - a minefield of obstacles

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Jan 3 11:20:46 EST 2009

Needed to get a developer key for a XO.  Clicked on the provided 
field in Browse - it timed out.  Ended up extracting the request 
from /home, carrying it to a desktop machine, issuing the request in 
a browser there, creating an exception for the invalid certificate 
at -- and finally getting my request accepted.

Now I have to sit on my thumbs for 24 hours.

Gentlemen :
  -  If users are expected to access, please
    install a valid certificate at that website.
  -  If users are expected to issue the request from an XO, please
    think of how frustrating it is to the user to have his intent
    be disparaged  (e.g. - fail, and fail, and ... )

Thanks,  mikus

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