XO memory size

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Sat Feb 28 20:51:40 EST 2009

On Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 09:48:22PM -0800, Derek Zhou wrote:
> On Thursday 26 February 2009 05:09:27 pm James Cameron wrote:
> > > Something is wrong with my olpc in either the xserver or hardware. For
> > > other non-drawing tasks its speed seems to be reasonable.
> > 
> > Yes, something is wrong.  Have you another XO you can test?
> > 
> I installed latest 
> xserver-xorg-video-geode_2.11.0-0.3_i386.deb
> from:
> http://lunge.mit.edu/~dilinger/debxo-0.5/
> It got slightly faster, like 10% but the situation is still roughly
> the same. I don't think it is the JFFS2 as top shows most of the cpu
> time is spent in the Xorg process. 

Only some of the JFFS2 problems manifest as CPU time spent in kernel

> A couple of suspicious things:
> 1, /proc/meminfo shows MemTotal: 221776KB Can someone confirm whether
> this is normal?

Looks normal to me.

> 2, Console (without X) is also quite slow. I know fbcon can be slow
> and unlike x terminal it is synchronous so it has to draw every char
> literally but still I didn't expect it to be this slow.

That excludes X as the primary cause.  It suggests a shortage of CPU

> 3, every once in a while (10 mins or so) there is a message in console like: 
> JFFS2 warning: jffs2_sum_write_sumnode: Not enough space for summary, padsize=-60

That matches a known problem.  The JFFS2 filesystem is in a suboptimal

> 4, dmesg is flooded with thing like:
> [ 1950.351880] olpc-ec:  received 0xe3
> [ 1950.351880] olpc-ec:  received 0xc2
> [ 1950.352019] olpc-ec:  running cmd 0x15
> [ 1950.353035] olpc-ec:  received 0x41

That is probably unrelated, and the fragment looks normal.  The EC does
not use the JFFS2.

> I could also reflesh debxo0.5 or latest joyride build to try. Is there
> anyway I can build a set of dat/img files from my current nand so I
> can come back easily?

Not at the moment.  This requires save-nand support for partitioned
NAND, and I checked with Mitch a few days ago on IRC and he said it was
not yet available.

I *think* a save-nand to USB disk will work, but I don't know if a
copy-nand from it will work.  I'll give it a go.

If you wish to save your configuration changes, take a copy of the whole
of /etc, and "dpkg --get-selections", and anything else you may have

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