Wireless test results

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Feb 27 22:54:38 EST 2009

> but I've been noticing that after I return from standby (a tap of
> power  button to suspend, another tap back to resume) I usually
> *don't* get  reconnected to my starred access point.  In the frame
> there's no
>   ( [AP circle icon] ), just a pulsing gray mesh.

> Sometimes if I bring up the frame while in an activity it'll
> reconnect,  but usually not.  If I switch to neighborhood view (where
> my starred AP  appears) and switch back, then usually the mesh icon in
> the frame will  be replaced by my ( [AP circle icon] ).  I don't have
> to click my AP  icon in Neighboryhood view, the system seems to just
> "straighten out"  and re-connect. Once it's working, it stays working
> until I next go into  standby. 

I think it just takes a while to get reconnected.

My model for returning from standby is that it throws away all the network 
state and goes through the same dance it uses at boot time.  I should time 
it, but it's "a long time" if you are watching it waiting for the first pass 
that tries to find a school server to time out.

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